Namaste Team

Namaste Team

We here at Namaste Hanoi, believe that the essence of good service for our patrons immensely depends on the well being of our employees. In fact, we rarely use the word “employee” while referring to our staff since the core of Namaste values make us believe that the whole establishment is one family. We realize the diverse environment we cater to and believe that for an exceptional level of service to be achieved, the strong and continued support of not just our patrons but also our “family members” is vital. We are proud to have such determined, energetic and exceptional individuals in our family. Our hope and sincere belief is that this positive environment at Namaste, helps translate into a positive overall experience for our patrons.


Our North Indian Chefs stem from a region of India known for its culinary excellence. The Theri district in the region of Garhwal has a history of highly skilled chefs, who have perfected the art of cuisine over many generations. Their secret recipes have rendered mouth watering Indian dishes over a span of many decades. We are proud to have had the opportunity to find, perfect and expose such culinary talent thorough the medium of Namaste Hanoi.

Our Master Chef Surat Singh has had valuable experience in the food industry. He has worked extensively in the Indian Cuisine setting for the past two decades. Combined with his culinary expertise and sound innovate skills, Surat has never shied away from creating new delicious recipes to offer to our patrons. He is currently assisted by Shivraj Singh, who is Namaste’s Souse Chef as well as the care taker for Tandoor breads and Roop Singh, who assists our Master Chef. Both Shivraj Singh and Roop Singh also bring with them many years of experience and knowledge in regards to the Indian cuisine.
Our South Indian Chef “Ganesh” comes from Trichy {Tiruchirappalli} in south of Tamil Nadu. Ganesh also brings along with him years of precious experience in the South Indian Cuisine. He is the reason for the amusing cone shaped “Dosas” and spice filled Sāmbhar.

Together with their years of experience and strong dedication to excel in their profession, our chefs never seize to satisfy your taste buds.

Frontline Staff

Namaste Hanoi is very proud to employee Vietnamese staff to cater to our patrons needs. They are well versed with their knowledge in Indian Cuisine. We are very proud to have soft smiles and warm hearts as a part of our family to greet you at the door and to ensure all is well during your visit to Namaste Hanoi.


Namaste Hanoi is also happy to serve only HALAL MEAT at our restaurant. The fresh meat is slaughtered by Mr. Ashraf Ismail, an Indian Chef who has been supplying chicken/mutton to us on a regular basis.

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